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Your Southwest HondaJet Aircraft Dealer

Step up to a higher level of General Aviation performance in the Southwest with HondaJet Southwest – your HondaJet Aircraft Factory Authorized dealer for Southern California, Hawaii, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. With a cruise speed of 420 knots at 30,000 feet, HondaJet gives owners and pilots magnificent speed, efficiency and comfort. Seating six passengers in a large pressurized cabin that is the largest in its class, the HondaJet sets the standard for pilot and passenger comfort.


Reimagining Flight from the Ground Up

The HondaJet is the world’s most advanced light business jet aircraft, with best-in-class advantages in performance, comfort, quality and efficiency. The HondaJet is the fastest, highest-flying, quietest, and most fuel-efficient jet in its class. The HondaJet incorporates many technological innovations in aviation design, including the unique Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration that dramatically improves performance and fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag. The OTWEM design also reduces cabin sound, minimizes ground-detected noise, and allows for the roomiest cabin in its class, the largest baggage capacity, and a fully serviceable private aft lavatory. The HondaJet is powered by two highly fuel-efficient GE Honda HF120 turbofan jet engines, and is equipped with the most sophisticated glass flight deck available in any light business jet, a Honda-customized Garmin® G3000 next-generation, all-glass avionics system composed of three 14-inch landscape-format displays and dual touch-screen controllers. The HondaJet is Honda’s first commercial aircraft and lives up to the company’s reputation for superior performance, efficiency, quality and value.

We invite you to explore the capabilities and value of HondaJet Aircraft with HondaJet Southwest today.

Our convenient sales offices in Carlsbad, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Dallas-Addison, TX mean that you’re never far from sales or customer assistance with HondaJet Aircraft.


The Power of Dreams

Everyone has a dream — some goal or activity that gives life deeper meaning and sparks passion.

When we pursue our dreams, we feel empowered. This power, in turn, connects us to others who share the same dreams. It gives us the strength to overcome great challenges. It inspires us to spread the joy of our dreams to other people. Ultimately, the power that is born of dreams is a creative force, capable of producing revolutionary ideas.

Honda encourages all its associates to pursue their dreams. That’s why we say we are a company built on dreams. The power of Honda’s dreams will continue to lead to new insights and technologies in automobiles, motorcycles, power products, and now aviation.



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