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Predelivery Process

Throughout the delivery experience, your support team will be in regular communication, providing guidance and explanation of key ownership topics and decisions.


Delivery Process

Honda’s comprehensive delivery process is designed to provide customers turnkey support for flight and maintenance training, aircraft technical acceptance, and a seamless transfer of ownership. As the date of delivery approaches, we will provide a detailed schedule of the delivery event.

Additionally, customers are provided with opportunities for selection of service options and a full orientation to Honda’s extensive Global HondaJet Dealer Network and Service and Support Team. Other information supplied includes servicing and ground handling familiarization, technical manuals, warranty and service programs, and many other areas of support that are all designed to provide a smooth launch and a joyful ownership experience.

As you taxi toward departure for your first flight to your home location, you can be confident that you have the entire HondaJet Dealer Network and Honda Aircraft Service and Support Team poised to provide assistance throughout your HondaJet ownership.


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