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Refining Aerodynamic Breakthroughs

The HondaJet Elite inherited Honda Aircraft’s aeronautical breakthroughs, including the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration, composite fuselage, and Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) fuselage nose and wing. In addition to these innovations, Honda Aircraft has further refined several aerodynamic technologies, enabling the aircraft to fly farther and with less noise pollution.


Aerodynamic Innovation

Designing a Human-Machine Interface for Optimal Safety

HondaJet Elite sets the gold standard in safety and user-friendly interface with its enhanced ergonomically Honda-customized, highly automated Garmin® G3000 avionics suite. Created with you in mind, the seat design and panel layout were developed from an ergonomic perspective by observing pilot and passenger movements from every possible aspect.

  • Increased Display Performance Faster initialization, rendering, and responsiveness to commands
  • Full Flight VNAV/TOLD/PERF Greater support and confidence for all phases of flight
  • Graphical Weight and Balance Visual input of fuel, passenger, and baggage weights
  • Stability and Protection with Roll and Angle of Attack Functions Pilot assistance in maintaining optimal operating envelope
  • AoA Indicator Provides more enhanced pilot low-speed awareness
  • AFCS Coupled Go-Around with Underspeed Protection Aircraft’s autopilot remains connected following a missed approach


Advanced cockpit

A Commitment to Bluer Skies

HondaJet Elite not only transports passengers to beautiful and remote locations around our planet, but it also takes care of those places for the next generation to visit. It also emits less noise pollution with the combination of the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration and noise-attenuating engine inlets that line the engine to attenuate fan-blade-passage noise, allowing for a quieter interior sound and ground noise.


From the sky,
a greater appreciation of the Earth

A Stylish Cabin Crafted for a Luxurious Ride

HondaJet Elite customers will never have to sacrifice passenger space for elegant comfort and amenities. No detail was overlooked when creating the world’s most advanced very light jet. HondaJet Elite’s roomy cabin features a private lavatory, full-service galley, two-toned executive leather seats, and Wi-Fi.


At home,
miles above it

Superior Comfort at Maximum Capacity

The aircraft maintains its capacity of up to seven occupants with the addition of a belted lavatory. Due to the advanced design of the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration, the belted lavatory is among the quietest in light jets in its category.


Belted Lavatory

Innovative Speakerless Cabin Audio System

HondaJet Elite features an industry-first Bongiovi Aviation speakerless in-cabin sound system, which is integrated into the interior panel and adapts to various flight conditions, bringing passengers a best-in-class, immersive audio experience throughout the entire cabin.


Speakerless Cabin Audio System

New Exterior Color Options

Distinctive colors are sure to increase ramp appeal and turn heads.

Ice Blue

Monarch Orange

HondaJet Southwest-Ruby Red
Ruby Red