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The Honda Aircraft Company has recreated the business jet from the ground up with a truly clean sheet design. By mounting engines over the wing, designing Natural Laminar Flow for the wing and fuselage, and applying other innovations, the HondaJet outperforms all other aircraft in its class. The culmination of cutting-edge innovation makes the HondaJet the world’s most advanced light business jet. It climbs and cruises faster, soars higher, offers more room and less noise, and uses less fuel.


Range Performance

NBAA IFR Range (4 occupants) = 1180 nm


Maximum Cruise Speed

Faster than any business jet in its class with a maximum cruise speed of 420 KTAS at 30,000 feet.


Quiet Flight

The Over-The-Wing Engine Mount design configuration creates a natural sound baffle, significantly reducing ground-detected noise.


Maximum Cruise Altitude

The HondaJet flies higher. It has a weather-topping maximum cruise altitude of 43,000 feet.


Rate of Climb

The HondaJet climbs at an impressive 3,990 feet per minute.


Airport Performance

The HondaJet has a takeoff distance of less than 4,000 feet and a landing distance of less than 3,000 feet.


Access to More Locations

Honda Power of Dreams - HondaJet Southwest

HondaJet Southwest