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Honda founder Soichiro Honda dreamt long ago of applying his company’s technological expertise to the field of aviation.

In 1986, a young Honda engineer named Michimasa Fujino crystallized that vision when Honda initiated research and development into an advanced, air-bound Honda. After four decades of both passion and hard work, the HondaJet creator completed his vision as Honda Aircraft Company.

HondaJet was truly born from the power of dreams — the power that drove our innovations in aircraft design from thought to drawing board to flight. HondaJet began as an intellectual contemplation and developed into a series of questions: How could a light jet become more efficient, more elegant, more advanced?

Experimentation, exploration, and research ensued — and the HondaJet vision was realized through design innovations that create an integrated, technologically advanced aircraft. The realization of this dream is due to equal parts romance and pragmatism.


A Message from HondaJet Aircraft Company Founder

Mr. Fujino - HondaJet Southwest

The power of dreams is both the force and the philosophy that guide us at Honda. It is the spirit behind our driving passion to design and create products that move and power your life.

At some point, whether or not you’ve owned a Honda product, it is almost certain that one has touched your life. Honda is the world’s leading producer of mobility machines. Since 1948, we have built more than 80 million automobiles and an astounding one-quarter billion motorcycles.

Around the globe, Honda is the gold standard for reliability in human mobility.

Now, Honda proudly brings you to the pinnacle of engineering performance — the HondaJet.

The HondaJet is the world’s most advanced light business jet. As the fastest, highest-flying, quietest, most fuel-efficient, and most spacious light jet in its class, the HondaJet could be your dream come true.

When it comes to making a jet investment, we hope that you will carefully consider not just the aircraft, but also the manufacturer that stands behind the machine. You deserve to feel confident that your decision is backed by a company with the legacy and experience to handle any adversity.

We invite you to experience our innovation machine.

Experience the next Honda in your life.

— Michimasa Fujino, Founder
Honda Aircraft Company


Honda Power of Dreams - HondaJet Southwest

HondaJet Southwest