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Honda Aircraft Company Announces Performance Package for the HondaJet HA-420

By October 15, 2018March 9th, 2020No Comments
ORLANDO, Fla. – Honda Aircraft Company announced the addition of a performance package for the HondaJet HA-420. The company’s new Advanced Performance Modification Group (APMG) engineered the upgrade, enabling existing HondaJet owners to enhance their current aircraft with several new performance and software features. The announcement was made today at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE).
The APMG Performance Package offers current HondaJet owners the opportunity to implement Honda Aircraft Company’s latest performance upgrades on their aircraft; among those are a shorter takeoff field length, an increased maximum takeoff weight and more mission capabilities. The package also features many Garmin G3000 avionics software updates, including, but not limited to, advanced integrated Take Off & Landing (TOLD) calculations, increased connectivity with Flight Stream 510 compatibility and an enhanced electronic checklist.
“As Honda Aircraft Company continues to pioneer new technologies in aviation, the APMG was created to ensure that all HondaJet owners, current and future, would have the opportunity to experience newly-created state-of-the-art technologies, regardless of when they purchased their aircraft,” Honda Aircraft Company CEO and President Michimasa Fujino stated. He added, “The purpose of the APMG is to implement new features on original aircraft for the benefit of customers around the world.”
Honda Aircraft Company also announced that the HondaJet and HondaJet Elite have received type certification from India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The HondaJet holds many type certifications around the world, including, but not limited to, the United States (Federal Aviation Administration), Europe (European Aviation Safety Agency), Mexico (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), Canada (Transport Canada), Brazil (National Civil Aviation Agency) Argentina (Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil) and Panama (Autoridad Aeronáutica Civil). Honda Aircraft’s latest model, the HondaJet Elite, is also certified in the United States and Europe.
Honda Aircraft Company has established a worldwide dealer and authorized sales network to provide unsurpassed service and support for HondaJet customers that spans territories in North America, Europe, Middle and South America, Southeast Asia, China, India, the Middle East and Japan. Manufactured at Honda Aircraft Company’s world headquarters in Greensboro, NC, the HondaJet was the most delivered aircraft in its class in 2017 and for the first half of 2018.

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