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HondaJet Makes Its First Appearance in Taipei

By April 21, 2017March 9th, 2020No Comments

TAIPEI, TAIWAN —  Honda Aircraft Company announced today the HondaJet made its first official appearance in Taipei at Taipei Songshan Airport. The debut event in Taipei was attended by Mr. Fan Chih-ku, Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Mr. Zheng Wen-Can, Mayor of Taoyuan City, business guests and the media. Representing Honda, Mr. Michimasa Fujino, President and CEO, Honda Aircraft Company, and Mr. Takato Ito, President of Honda Taiwan Co., Ltd., Honda’s automobile and motorcycle subsidiary in Taiwan, attended the event. “As part of our global sales strategy, Honda Aircraft Company continues to evaluate new markets for the HondaJet. Today, we are excited to be in Taipei to showcase the HondaJet and demonstrate its capabilities for the first time,” said Fujino. “We are confident HondaJet, with its high performance, superior fuel efficiency, and a range that covers the region, would be a valuable tool to support businesses and companies in Taiwan.”  Taiwan has strong potential in the light jet market and Honda Aircraft Company has received strong interest from potential customers. The company plans to utilize today’s special event to enhance its market evaluation for possible future introduction of the HondaJet in the region “The HondaJet was developed from a clean sheet design and is the world’s most advanced light jet. It is certified by the United States Federal Aviation Administration, European Aviation Safety Agency, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Mexico. The HondaJet incorporates advanced technologies that allow it to achieve both high speed performance and high fuel efficiency. “With a maximum cruise speed of 422 knots (486 mph) the HondaJet is the fastest jet in its class; it soars highest in its class with a maximum altitude of 43,000 feet; and it is the most fuel-efficient light jet in its class by up to 17 percent. It has an NBAA IFR range of 1,223 nautical miles (1,408 miles).

Specifications Overview 

Exterior Dimensions Length: 42.62 ft [12.99m]

Wing Span: 39.76 ft [12.12m]

Height: 14.90 ft [4.54 m]

Engines GE Honda / HF120
Output (Uninstalled Thrust) 2050 lbf each
Performance Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300: 422 KTAS (486 mph)

Maximum Cruise Altitude: FL430

Rate of Climb: 3990 ft / min

NBAA IFR Range (4 occupants): 1223 nm

Interior Dimensions Length: 17.80 ft [5.43 m]

Width: 5.00 ft [1.52 m]

Height: 4.83 ft [1.47 m]

Baggage Space Combined stowage: 66 cubic ft

Aft compartment: 57 cubic ft

Nose compartment:9 cubic ft

Configuration Typical configuration: 1 crew + 5 pax (2 crew + 4 pax)

Alternative configuration: 1 crew + 6 pax (2 crew + 5 pax)


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